Ladies and gentlemen!

We got a lovely December and this season is all about love.
Illumination, longer opening hours in temples and shrines is something to look forward for.
Kyoto is slowly transforming into a winter spectacle (No snow tho lol >.<), this is the time to come by for a visit in this lovely and traditional town.
Centered in the middle of Japan this is the perfect starting point & base for your travelling!
In this season there is a lot of things to see, do and experience.
One of the things of you could try is to come by us here in the studio of Oiran Miyabi in Gion.
In the middle of Gion and Higashiyama district you will find our studio.
We take photos of anyone interested, Women, Men, Couples, Girls, Boys, Families.. Anyone is welcome for some traditional oiran photos.

You will be transformed into a japanese oiran or female gambler.
Dress in kimono & uchikake (beautiful piece of robe that you wear on top of the kimono),
get your make up done, fake eyelashes and nail tips are available too.
Hair set and we also got half and full wigs, mage (Japanese traditional part of the hair).
If you are interested check out our different plans on our homepage.
If you got any questions or is in need of English speaking staff, make sure to send us a mail!
But don`t worry our Japanese speaking staff is super talented also, even if you don`t speak Japanese they will take good care of you!

All of our base plans are currently 20% off!
Except our Cross Dressing Plan that is 30% off!!
These offers are only available until the end of December, make sure to mention the discount while booking!

Jens Madsen,
photographer & graphic designer
at Oiran Arare & Oiran Miyabi Kyoto,
looking forward to meet you!