Greetings from Oiran Studio Miyabi!

Hi! Jens back again with more writings!
So the new year was busy and we are already in the end of January.
Kyoto is still quite chilly but should be turning soon enough in February and March of course.
As of now I have already spotted some trees preparing to bloom as soon as they get the chance to.
The season as for now might be cold, this is why we are warming up here in the Studio taking our photos in one of our two studios is both comfortable and fun!
All of our Photographer staff and Make-up staff will take good care of you to make sure you have a great time, choosing your hair style, clothing, uchikake (The outer dress that you wear on top of the kimono.), nail-tips, wigs, tattoos, photos!
Everything can be mixed and matched to fit your style!
And afterwards you will be our super model to get the photos taken in the studios.
I really love taking photos and would love to get the honor of capturing you, giving you great memories from us here in Kyoto.
All photos are processed in Lightroom and fixed up, so when you get home you can use the photos however you want. If the photos are used at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Printed doesn’t matter, they you will look fabulous!

I am now also preparing already for the wonderful season of spring coming up here, warming myself up with some maps, plans, calendars, pins and dates of where to be next to capture the best of spring here in Kyoto!
We are currently here in Gion and I do recommend check out the neighborhood here before or after you joined us in the studio!

If you got any questions or anything on your mind in general, please send us a e-mail, or a message on any of our SNS pages!

This is you photographer and graphic designer,
Jens Madsen,
Kyoto Oiran Studio Miyabi,
Gion & Higashiyama