I really can’t wait until the autumn is.
I would dare to say that is is one of my favorite seasons. The autumn leaves are so beautiful.

The other day I went to Ryouan-ji and the golden temple.
Ryouan-ji was for me a new experience.
It may not sound to fun, but it was super cozy. Inside the zen temple there was this little stone garden with 15 stones.
No mater where you stand it is hard or impossible to see all the 15 stones at once.
I can really understand why that place is used to find inner peace.
But being there all I could think about is how absolutely amazingly beautiful it will be there when the trees start to change color.
For me the color change is a reminder of a fresh start.
To feel the air cooling down and wonder around in all its beauty really is refreshing.

Now back here at work it is time to start growing together with season change.
Every day is so educating.
Meeting new people, no mater for how long a time is really inspiring and makes you learn new fantastic things all the time.
As a hair and makeup artist every new face is like a new canvas to paint on, and I would really go so far as to claim that this job really is fulfilling.
Every eye and every cheek is different, which means you really have to adapt and challenge yourself every day.
No day is the other alike, and I love it!

Keep dry in the right now falling rain.
Much love from Sara and all the other staff here at Oiran Miyabi.